Calvary Academy AUCTION
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Calvary Academy AUCTION 2018
Calvary Academy cordially invites you to our 40th Anniversary Celebration Gift Auction & Appetizer Event:

Sat. November 10, 2018 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
- Live & Ticket Auction
- Great Food
- Fun & Entertaining Time!

--$20.00 admission per person or
--$35.00 admission for 2 people, a great deal!
--or, $175 to reserve a full table of 5 couples/10 people (payable in full as one table, as we would not be able to track individual ticket purchases for this)

ADMISSION TICKETS: Purchase tickets directly through this Donate Online page or through the school office. To purchase online, just click on the Blue "MAKE A DONATION" box. Once there, please state in "NOTE BOX" the name of people the tickets are for.

DONATIONS: You can also submit donations through this Donate Online page. Just click on the Blue "MAKE A DONATION" box. Once there, please be sure to state in the "NOTE BOX" the name of the student's grade you want this donation to go towards, or if it is just a general donation.

Call the School Office with any questions: 732-363-3633
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